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Benefits of Axion Investment Funds Platform

Are you looking for a quick, reliable and cost effective solution to start an licensed and regulated investment fund in the European Union? At Axion we have the right solution through a ready made Funds Platform.

Axion Funds Platform:

Axion International Funds SICAV PLC is the Funds Platform, organised as a multi-fund investment company with variable capital under the laws of Malta. The SICAV is licensed and regulated by the Malta FSA as a Professional Investor Funds' platform and its funds are available for distribution to qualified investors. Funds' structuring is very flexible and they can hold a variety of underlying investments. They are most popular with venture capital, private equity, master-feeder, immovable property, family business assets as well as traditional financial instruments, derivatives, and crypto assets.

Typical Users Axion Funds' Platform:

The Platform enables small to medium sized funds, typically in the range of Eur2 million to Eur20 million (depending also on the underlying investments' strategy) to obtain a license

in an already regulated and approved SICAV structure, whilst having its own segregated assets and investors’ base.

If you are a family office, asset manager, broker, investment advisor, HNWI, entrepreneur or similar and looking to set-up a fund but do not have the human resources and time to do it, Axion offers the required turn-key solution which will be tailored to your needs.

Advantages of having your fund on Axion Funds' Platform:

Funds within the Platform offer additional advantages compared to limited liability companies, normal public liability companies and similar, as follows:

  • Ease of access to investors &/or financing

  • Exit strategy to investors

  • Access to pool of qualified and experienced team

  • Readily available legal structure

  • Cost-effective to set-up and maintain

  • Regulated and licensed structure

  • No/minimal investment restriction

  • Not required to follow AIFMD

  • No Capital requirements

  • Tax optimised.

Axion combines the expertise on investment funds, M&A and corporate business, offering a competitive advantage over other players who might have experience in one area but not the three.


Qualified Investors are required to satisfy certain criteria based on their wealth and/ or experience. An investor must invest a minimum of Eur100k and satisfies a wealth criterion of Eur750k or else prove to be a senior employee or director of a service provider to the Fund.

Funds Listing:

Funds can be listed on traditional stock exchanges, undergo an STO, or, as generally the case, obtain an ISIN, BGN ticker or similar.


Funds enjoys tax exemptions on income and capital gains in Malta. There is no net asset value tax and no VAT is applicable on services which are core and essential to the management of the SICAV and funds. Fund’s shareholders who are not residents of Malta are exempt from tax in Malta on income or capital gains.


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