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Investment Funds

We have extensive experience in fund structuring, formation and management enabling easier progress at your end.  The solution will be tailored to your specific needs by either (1) utilising the Axion Funds Platform or otherwise (2) forming Your Own Funds Structure, which can take the form of an AIF, UCITS, PIF, other.


1. Axion Funds Platform


We understand the importance of be operational in the shortest possible time, done in a cost effective way by a team of experts and experienced people who can immediately understand your needs and soon after structure the right solution for you. With this in mind we formed Axion International Funds SICAV P.L.C., which is a Funds Platform, where:

  • You can easily and quickly launch your fund without having the set-up costs as a hurdle

  • Initial capital was already paid by us and thus all money raised can be utilised for the intended investments

  • Depending on how large / structured you are, we will tailor our solution to fill your needs and regulatory requirements

  • You will have the assistance of a professional group of people during set-up and ongoing

  • Set-up and annual costs are affordable even for relatively small funds

  • You will not need to find the different service providers since the core structure is ready

  • Custodian/depositary is not required in most of cases and when needed we have the right to progress with.

Depending also on the investment strategy, the Funds Platform is typically used to start with funds between €2.5 million to €25 million. If the amount is smaller, we can discuss other possible options and if larger you might want to consider your own SICAV structure which we will set-up and structure for you.


Interested Parties


Typical interested parties for a fund set-up within the platform are: asset managers wanting to enter the EU market, small/new asset managers or investment bankers who do not have the scale to set-up something by themselves, but can pool some investors in a fund, investment advisors wanting an EU regulated structure enabling them to attract more investors, project owners, family offices and wealthy individuals.

Underlying Investments

The underlying investments of the funds can be various, including private equity, immovable property, infrastructure projects, commodities, equities, bonds, derivatives, crypto assets and others.


Investors in the funds are limited to the so called “Qualified Investors”, with a minimum investment of €100 K. Retail Investors you would require either a UCITS or AIF structure which we can also structure.

Legal Framework

Axion International Funds SICAV PLC is licensed by the MFSA in terms of the Malta Investment Services Act and it has subsequently issued segregated funds, the shares of which are available for sales to Qualified Investors. These funds provide a lighter regulatory regime, are more flexibility than UCITS and AIFs, do not require investment restrictions, whilst still being regulated in the EU.


Taxation in Malta

Funds are exempt from income and capital gains tax. Investors are not subject to tax on capital and income gains and do not incur withholding tax on dividend payments from the fund. Certain exceptions apply.




The licensing process which would otherwise be of around 6 months is materially shortened using the platform since the legal structure and the key people have already been pre-vetted by the Malta regulator. In conjunction with the due diligence process, we will discuss with you the objectives of your fund and draft the documents explaining how the fund will work and our relationship. Eventually we will progress matters with the Malta regulator till licensing, involving you only if necessary.



Depending on requirements, we can also obtain a Bloomberg ticker, ISIN and have a listing on an exchange.


Time to Launch

The time to launch is relatively short since the licensing process on the structure has been already concluded and the remaining part would be the additional components for the new fund. Once all the license conditions are fulfilled and the fund is enabled to start, we will coordinate all parties for a seamless launch.


Ongoing Management and Control

The Board will provide ongoing governance and control whilst the Investment Committee will be entrusted to establish and review the investments in line with the fund’s objectives and any restrictions, the extent of which will depend on your role and our agreement with you. Your involvement and responsibilities will be agreed and tailored in line with your experience, expertise, qualifications.

2. Your Own Funds Structure


Apart from offering our own ready-made Funds Platform, for the bigger clients or otherwise those wanting to have their own funds' structure, we can also set-up this.  The available options include: PIFs, AIFs, UCITS and apart from Malta we can also do in other jurisdictions partly with other international partners.

We will be happy to organise a free initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and in the meantime you can find more information by clicking here.

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